The podium : animations

The podium is a pole of animation. You will find, throughout the day, animations such as the parade of pedigree dogs and cats, the adoption show or the presentation of reptiles like no other!

The parade of pedigree dogs

Come and discover the breeds of dogs that will be present at the show and learn all about their characteristics and their stories. Dog breeders will be at the microphone to talk to you about the specificities of their breeds they are passionate about and have been breeding for several years.

From the Chihuahua to the Weimar Braque, the French Bulldog and the Australian Shepherd Dog, the breeds of dogs will have no more secrets for you.

The parade of pedigree cats by the LOOF


Do you know the origins of Bengal? How do we differentiate the Norwegian from the Turkish Angora? The morphological characteristics of the Maine Coon ? And did you know that there were cats with curved ears like the American Curl?

Thanks to the parade of purebred cats, presented by the Official Book of Feline Origins, the LOOF, listen to the breed presentations by our feline experts!

Discover the different breeds of cats and be amazed by beautiful specimens!

You can also attend the Great Cat Show.

The presentation of extraordinary reptiles with Karim Daoues of the Tropical Farm

More surprisingly, reptiles are unknown to the general public. Thanks to our passionate Karim Daoues, from the Ferme Tropicale, discover several types of snakes on stage.

Learn how they feed, how to protect themselves from dangers in the wild and in the natural state in which they live.

The fear we have often comes from the lack of knowledge of these species, what if you change your outlook?
Several people from the public may carry a species, selected by our expert for its harmlessness.

The 1st show dedicated to adoption

The 1st Show dedicated to adoption is a new solidarity concept to promote adoption and put on the front of the stage (and its podium!) the animals to be adopted.The 1st Show dedicated to adoption is a new solidarity concept to promote adoption and put on the front of the stage (and its podium!) the animals to be adopted.
Who will be the godparents of this first show?Personalities with a passion for animals who work all year round for animal welfare will parade on this first adoption catwalk in front of all visitors. Influencers as well as specialized pet brands have been selected to help make the most of adoption.

Discover the celebrities present for the 1st show dedicated to adoption

The Animal School and the tutorials of our experts

You can attend live tutorials or masterclasses from our experts and ask your questions directly!

“How to get off to a good start with my puppy” by Chloé Fesch from Canidelite or “How to take care of my pet’s health” by Serge Bellais, Veterinarian, discover the whole list and the schedule of the podium to know the tutorial that interests you.

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