The central ring

Here is an overview of the animations 2022 to discover, during our show, on the central ring. Other animations are coming, stay connected !

Démonstration de Camille et Olympe @les_rooquines

Insta Show

The InstaShow is a highlight of the Paris Animal Show. This animation features Instagram’s youngsters and their dogs in a demonstration of tricks, called “Tricks”. It is a sequence of movements guided by the master, with or without music.
Our animal show is one more opportunity to bring the complicity between man and dog to the forefront of the stage.

Many enthusiasts are present on Instagram and show their evolution on their account. The show allows them to go from the virtual world to the ring stage in front of the public.
We have already made more than 30 youngsters grow up and sometimes even made dreams come true!

Dog dancing

Rhythmic obedience or Dog Dancing is a canine sport, in which the dog evolves with his master with whom he presents a choreography in music, with real sequences between each turn. It is a sport discipline derived directly from “classic” obedience, in which playful movements have been added.

Two disciplines exist in this sport: heelwork to music and canine freestyle. These two disciplines will be represented during demonstrations in the ring.
Far from being a circus dog act, the goal is to highlight the complicity between the dog and the master.

These are moving demonstrations, which represent all the love that exists between the master and his life company, his dog.
The team of Dancing with your Dog will be present to teach you Dog Dancing.

Fiona and Cheyenne at a dog dancing demonstration

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