The big cat show 2022

Feline lovers, find more than 800 cats on the cat show!

The cat show comes back for a new edition!

As last year, the breed clubs affiliated to the LOOF will run stands to present the breeds they are in charge of. An excellent opportunity to ask all the questions you have in mind before choosing the breed of cat that suits you: morphology, health, behavior.

The best way also to find the breeder of your future companion in complete peace of mind.

cat breeds on the 2022 show!

The cat show is organized by :

What is a breed club?

A breed club is an association dedicated to the management and promotion of a breed or group of related breeds. It deals as well with the standard (description of the ideal cat) as with health issues specific to its breed(s). Its vocation is to disseminate information both to breeders and future buyers.

40 breed clubs are affiliated to the LOOF. There can be several for the same breed but they “follow” the same standard and the same system of qualification of the reproducers.

What is the LOOF?

Authorized in 1996 by the Ministry of Agriculture to publish the pedigrees of pedigree cats born in France, the LOOF (Livre Officiel des Origines Félines) gathers the actors of the French cat breeding.

In addition to the keeping of the Herd Book, its missions include the keeping of standards in collaboration with the affiliated breed clubs, the management and development of genetic resources (qualification of breeders and genetic diseases), the training of judges, the training of breeders, the information of the public and the buyer.

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