Pedigree dogs village 2022

Discover all the pedigree dogs present at the show!

Eleveuse Le village des chiens de race Paris Animal Show

French breeders

Come and meet our breeders and professionals, to learn about the LOF dog breeds that will be present with these enthusiasts who have seen the birth and breeding of each of their dogs.

This may be the time for you to leave with your new life companion, in good conditions and under the breeder’s supervision throughout your companion’s life.

Dog breeds faithful to the appointment!

What is the LOF?

The LOF or Book of French Origins is the register created in 1885 by the Société Centrale Canine, recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture as a herd book where the origins of French pedigree dogs are listed. It is a guarantee of the purity of the sires (absence of crossbreeding).

Registration in the LOF is necessary for a dog to be legally qualified as “Pure Breed”. A LOF dog also has a pedigree.

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