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New: your personal exhibitor space

You can now access your personal exhibitor space. Here is the list of items you can find there:
– Company profile, which you can modify
– Registration of people present on your stand
– Download your exhibitor badges
– Technical show guide
– List of exhibitors
As soon as you receive your login details by email, you will be able to connect to your space.

Dear exhibitors, develop your network at Expozoo

A constantly evolving industry, thanks to more and more innovations, Expozoo Paris Animal Show welcomes pet market professionals looking for new products every year. Distributors, wholesalers, central purchasing offices, veterinarians, groomers, breeders … all industry will be present to meet and discuss common topics.

Qui sont les visiteurs professionnels sur Expozoo et Paris Animal Show ?

Secteur des visiteurs professionnels

1. Animalerie indépendante
2. Animalerie sous enseigne
3. Jardinerie indépendante
4. Jardinerie sous enseigne
5. LISA / Marchand grainier
6. Grande surface alimentaire
7. Grande surface bricolage
8. Grand Magasin
9. e-commerce
10. Importateur / grossiste
11. Toiletteur
12. Vétérinaire
13. ASV
14. Eleveur / dresseur
15. Pharmacie
16. Presse – internet
17. Formation – Etudiant Training
18. Grossiste
19. Aquarium public
20. Parc Zoologique
21. Syndicats professionnels
22. Réseaux-sociaux
23. Site Internet
24. Service public

Profil des visiteurs

1. Directeur des achats
2. Directeur de magasin
3. Responsable des achats
4. Chef de département
5. Acheteur e-commerce
6. Chef de rayon
7. Category Manager
8. Responsable animalerie
9. Responsable animalerie vivant
10. Propriétaire de magasins indépendants
11. Responsable franchise
12. Responsable Marketing MDD
13. Acheteur centrale vétérinaire
14. Eleveur/ Breeders
15. Fabricants
16. Toiletteur
17. Formateurs
18. Vétérinaire
19. Assistante vétérinaire
20. Comportementaliste
21. Gérant
22. Importateur
23. Responsable Marketing
24. Vendeur en animalerie
25. PDG
26. Community Manager

Our highly qualified visitors


are decision-makers or industry-leading buyers


have come to discover new products to sell in their stores


estimate that Expozoo is an effective networking platform


come to the show with the intention of taking orders


are satisfied with the show and have announced their visit in 2019

New in 2022

Exhibitors will present their novelties & innovations to visitors for the market of tomorrow, expozoo Paris animal show is the opportunity to get a preview on the stands or on the show’s novelties area, as well as to find there new brands and start-ups. It is also during the Expozoo Paris animal show that you will be able to discover new canine sport activities and the best methods to contribute to animal welfare.
Paris Animal Show